Green Valley Country Club Men’s Golf Association

The Men’s Association plays Wednesday mornings at 8:00.
Consisting of 35 members, between 20 – 30 players play weekly in a handicapped team game.
Up to date GHIN handicap is required!

99% of the time the Men play some form of team game.  The game is handicapped using the USGA formula. (The league requires GHIN membership, but for someone coming in mid-year we carry them on a spreadsheet until the end of the year, at which point they are required to buy a GHIN handicap to continue playing. This way they are not paying the full price for a partial year.) Teams are always threesomes or foursomes created each week using Golf Genius.

The handicap range of the players is generally from 6 to 30.  All play is from the Gold tees because of the ages – most of us are distance challenged. There is no “big” money involved. The weekly buy-in is $7 ($8 once a month). We usually pay two places (two teams), sometimes three places if the number of players is high and we’re playing threesomes. We also play team Greenies separately. Greenies are paid at the completion of play; main game payout occurs after scorecards are verified.

If you are interested in joining the Green Valley Country Club Wednesday Men’s League or have any questions please email Mike O’Bryan or call/text 508-479-5757

We look forward to having you join this fun league!

Click to View Men’s Association Handicap Sheet